Sales Associate – Sports

Job Description

The Role:

The MedTech industry is disrupting healthcare. With the first-ever mobile game-based neurological testing software to be FDA cleared (‘EQ Brain Performance’), Highmark Interactive is combining mobile technology, data science/artificial intelligence, and gamification into a series of industry-specific products that are making a significant impact on brain health in a number of sectors across the world.

As we continue to emerge across the globe, we are adding to our sales team!  For this particular role, we are looking for someone who will devote their time to the sports industry — leagues, teams, and athletes across North America. 

You will be part of a small but rapidly growing team, which offers you both the ability to accelerate your career path and to enjoy the benefits of entering a company that is positioned to grow significantly in the near future.

Our culture is about energy and determination – we want a team member who likes to have fun within the team, wants to improve the lives of millions around the world, and is hungry to perform in order to help make that happen. 

About Highmark:

Highmark has been operating for just over two years. In that time, our team has created a game-based mobile app and web-analytics platform, signed on thousands of paying customers, attracted a global medical advisory board including medical experts from Harvard, UCLA, and prominent Canadian and Australian universities, has enlisted a number of Olympic gold-medal athletes and former professional NHL players as brand ambassadors, and has received medical clearance in the U.S. (FDA), European Union (CE Marking), Canada, Oceania and many others. 

Our mobile platforms are helping thousands of athletes, doctors, workplaces, and individuals make personalized, data-driven decisions about their brain health and performance, ranging from concussions to impairment and from dementia to fitness to work in dangerous work environments. Until now, millions of people every year have looked at their brain’s performance through subjective measures. With our EQ Brain Performance products, we have created vital objective data for assessing our body’s most crucial organ.  Best of all, we are doing it in a fully mobile, game-based manner, making it fun and accessible for everyone. 

Highmark Interactive is dedicated to its goal of building and fostering a diverse and multicultural workplace and strongly encourages applications from women and minorities.

About you:

  • You are fun! A great sense of humour, positive, outgoing, can talk your way out of trouble, and you enjoy every day of your life
  • You are competitive. Whether it is board games, athletics, or anything else in life, you like to win
  • You are passionate and persistent. The word ‘complacency’ is ugly to you. You want to achieve and accomplish things and you’re driven by getting things done
  • You are flexible. You enjoy working as part of a team, but you can also thrive when working on your own
  • You excel at verbal and written communication. You are a pro when it comes to spelling and grammar, you know how to tailor your words to your audience, and you understand that your ability to communicate is how many people judge you
  • You are unflappable. If you encounter a difficult person, a tough day or things don’t break your way, you simply roll with the punches and keep going
  • You are entrepreneurial-minded. While you can take direction and get things done, you have a mind of your own and bring ideas on how something can be done even better
  • You should probably work in the secret service – whether through Google or other (legal!) avenues, you know how to track down the contact information for the right target accurately and quickly
  • You love the idea that your work will make the world a better place, and it helps drive your extra effort
  • You have a can-do attitude. You want to show the world that you can do great things, and you’re going to attack each day with the goal of demonstrating your potential


Great to have:

  • Experience in sales
  • Business and/or significant life experience with sports organizations
  • Experience with CRM systems
  • Technologically inclined
  • Social media competence
  • Leadership and/or public speaking experience
  • Negotiations experience


What you will be involved with:

  • You will be spending each day approaching and presenting to a variety of sports organizations
  • You will gain an intricate knowledge of the specific platforms applicable to who you are selling to, and you will be passionate and articulate about what these platforms can do for them
  • This work includes emailing and calling prospective customers, including both warm leads that are handed to you as well as those who have no previous history with us
  • You will be using our web-based CRM to ensure we are tracking who we are talking to and where those discussions stand
  • For presentations, you will be using Zoom video calls, which includes sharing the screen of a tablet at times to demonstrate how our mobile software works
  • You will be a member of a growing team of sales staff, with each individual in charge of separate areas. In time, this allows you to be the senior member of your own group as additional staff get added to your area

Start date:

Job Types: Full-time