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EQ Resilience assesses the balance between stress and recovery and empowers individuals to manage their own unique psychological well-being and to become more resilient over time. Using a simple green, yellow, red scoring system, the 90-second EQ Resilience questionnaire provides a real-time snapshot of one’s current mental health and wellbeing. When used on a regular basis throughout the year, this allows users to face greater challenges, optimize their recovery and always be “at their best”.

“Given our foundation’s mission to curate the leading research and scientifically validated content and tools, Highmark’s Resilience and EQ Active solutions are a perfect fit based on their scientific rigor and groundbreaking application to stress and brain health.”

Dr. Deepak Chopra

MD, FACP, Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health, author

UCSD, The Chopra FoundationChopra Global, Gallup Organization


In today’s increasingly busy world, individuals are under pressure to perform, to handle more, to always be at their best. The current conditions caused by COVID-19 has only accentuated our daily challenges and stress. The pandemic has accelerated the transformation of digital healthcare which in many cases can offer faster, quicker and safer support directly to individuals and families. EQ Resilience is a digital health tool that can help individuals from all walks of life build resilience and overcome the mental health issues that arise in today’s society.

Supporting mental health and resilience

It is now possible to assess a snapshot of your current mental health and wellbeing using Highmark’s EQ Resilience digital health tool.

Test in 90 seconds

EQ Resilience uses a simple green, yellow, red scoring system to help you learn objectively “how you feel” and “how you are” so that you can develop an ongoing, level of well-being and resilience.


EQ allows you to establish your brain performance and self-assess in real-time when there are negative changes to ensure optimal brain health.

100% Mobile

Tests can be done in private anywhere, and anytime with just a smartphone or tablet.

Supporting global communities

EQ Resilience can now be utilized by individuals, families, students, athletes, employees and seniors around the world.

A trusted digital health tool

Highmark’s FDA-cleared assessment tool utilizes advanced algorithms to assess  neurological health.

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