Reseller – Sports

Job Description

With the first-ever mobile game-based neurological testing software to be FDA cleared (‘EQ Brain Performance’), Highmark Interactive is combining mobile technology, data science/artificial intelligence, and gamification into a series of industry-specific products that are making a significant impact on brain health in a number of sectors across the world.

The sports world, both professional and amateur, has been substantially affected by what many have come to term as an ‘epidemic’ of concussions. In the past two decades, what we have understood about the prevalence, diagnosis, lifelong risks, and treatment of these brain injuries have changed substantially, and most medical professionals have felt that an adequate solution has been lacking. EQ Brain Performance endeavours to change that, and it is using its deep scientific backing, esteemed Medical and Athlete Advisory Board Members, and prominent partnerships to change the paradigm of how brain performance assessment can be achieved. 

With EQ, the industry (athletes/leagues/teams/programs) is able to use quick mobile games to create vital brain performance data that can be used for assessing brain injury and post-injury recovery. Quite literally, an athlete’s mobile device using EQ is considered a Class-II medical device by the FDA, with the cognitive, visual and balance gamified testing producing data that can be exported or instantly available to administrators on a web-based dashboard.  The athlete can test anytime and anywhere, and the data can be instantly assessed by an administrator/medical professional from as far as the other side of the world.  Best of all, it is designed to be affordable for everyone, ensuring that professional technology is not out of reach for the average family. 

As we continue to emerge across the globe, we are adding external resellers who are looking for generous commissions on a contract basis!  For this particular role, we are looking for someone who will leverage their extensive network and experience to introduce us to key contacts in sports (professional, semi-pro, college, amateur, schools). This is ideal for those who are recently retired, work on a contract basis, have seasonal gaps in their employment, are looking for additional side revenue, or are in-between positions. 

You will quickly discover that our innovative technology fills a significant and unfilled need within the sports industry, superior to existing solutions in place, and is designed to be easier, more affordable, more enjoyable, and comprehensive in its approach to brain health. In short, you will find this to be an easy and exciting offering to share with your network. 

Our culture is about energy and passion – we want people to join our team that feel strongly about what we are able to do for an athlete’s brain health and see an opportunity to utilize their extensive network of contacts to help facilitate quick and easy relationships with us. 

About Highmark:

Highmark has been operating for just over two years. In that time, our team has created a game-based mobile app and web-analytics platform, signed on thousands of paying customers, attracted a global medical advisory board including medical experts from Harvard, UCLA, and prominent Canadian and Australian universities, has enlisted a number of Olympic gold-medal athletes and former professional NHL players as brand ambassadors, and has received medical clearance in the U.S. (FDA), European Union (CE Marking), Canada, Oceania and many others. 

Our mobile platforms are helping thousands of athletes, doctors, workplaces, and individuals make personalized, data-driven decisions about their brain health and performance, ranging from concussions to impairment and from dementia to fitness to work in dangerous work environments. Until now, millions of people every year have looked at their brain’s performance through subjective measures. With our EQ Brain Performance products, we have created vital objective data for assessing our body’s most crucial organ.  Best of all, we are doing it in a fully mobile, game-based manner, making it fun and accessible for everyone. 

Highmark Interactive is dedicated to its goal of building and fostering a diverse and multicultural workplace and strongly encourages applications from women and minorities.

About you:

  • You have extensive experience within a key sector(s) of the sport industry, with a strong understanding of concussion prevalence, risk, protocols, and the stakeholders involved in a sport’s decision making
  • As a result of your experience, you have earned a solid network of senior executive contacts at multiple organizations within the industry
  • You are comfortable having an initial discussion with executives, and introducing a technology solution that can improve upon their current protocols
  • You have a comfort using technology and understand the basic principles of mobile apps
  • You have a general interest in how concussions affect athletes and the importance of following scientifically-backed innovation to improve things going forward
  • You are well respected. Whether you are a charismatic personality or someone who has earned trust and a solid rapport through hard work and dependability, the executives you speak with are willing to hear you out based on the reputation you have earned
  • You are entrepreneurial-minded. While you can take direction and get things done, you have a mind of your own and bring ideas on how something can be done even better
  • While your network is your strong base, you are equally comfortable reaching outside your network and approaching industry executives based on your strong understanding of their business
  • You love the idea that your work will make the world a better place, and it helps drive your extra effort


Great to have:

  • Experience in sales
  • Experience with CRM systems
  • Technologically inclined


What you will be involved with:

  • You will approach your contacts with materials supplied to you, introducing our technology to them and demonstrating how it would be an asset for their operations
  • Working with our internal team, you will be fully informed on what the technology does and guided on how to present this to companies
  • You will be provided all resources required for you to approach your contacts confidently. These can range from marketing materials to scientific papers, and from videos to case studies. 
  • Depending on the relationship we agree to with you, you may simply be having introductory conversations with the contacts and facilitating a hand-off to our internal team, or you will look to drive the demonstration and negotiation with the contacts yourself
  • You will be using our web-based CRM database to ensure we are tracking who we are talking to and where those discussions stand

If you are presenting the software, you will be using a mobile device (phone/tablet). If the conversation is done from a distance, you will be using Zoom video calls, which includes sharing the screen of a tablet and/or laptop to demonstrate how our mobile software works (you will be shown how to do this)