Pick a Plan that Works for You

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Can I track sleep and steps on any device?

This feature currently only available for iPhone users. Note, to track sleep, you will need to have a sleep app installed on your phone that shares data with the Apple Health app.

How long does it take to do a full check-in?

The average full check-in takes just over 11 minutes. You also have the option of doing ‘quick check-ins’ (3-5 minutes) or playing single game tests.

How is the data used in the event of a suspected injury?

In the event of a suspected change in function, an athlete would complete a Comparison Test, which contains all seven neurological tests and a symptom survey. This quantitative data, along with the history of results, defines the individual’s healthy performance range and can be shared with a qualified professional to inform their decision-making process.

What are the Team Leaderboards?

Leaderboards are optional features for Group/Organization users, featuring a scoreboard that shows the names and total game points of the members of a team. Players can battle with each other for the highest ranking, encouraging them to complete their check-ins on a regular basis. The rankings are based on abstracted scores (ie. no clinical data is shown), players have the option to join or leave the leaderboard at any time, and they will only see scores of their teammates who have opted to join the leaderboard competition.

How can I share my data with my doctor?

You can share your data with your doctor by bringing your phone to your appointment and showing them your test results for further assessment. In addition, if your doctor uses EQ in their clinic, you can join their enterprise organization and grant them access to your results through a web portal. This gives them the opportunity to review your status before any appointments and focus on treatment and rehabilitation while you are in the office.

What is Recovery Monitoring Mode?

EQ has a specific mode to help track your recovery from injury or illness. When in this mode, you will be given a symptom survey (Symptom Scale) on every check-in and can record notes from doctor visits (e.g. diagnosis, return-to-play decisions).