Founded in 2017, Highmark Interactive strives to be on the forefront of concussion diagnosis, prevention and management through fun and engaging video games.


Our Mission

Highmark Interactive is passionate about the brain's ability to change and heal itself. We believe in the myriad of evidence that shows that the brain becomes more efficient, faster, and better when the path to improvement is fun!

We're creating fun, engaging games that will educate players, collect a variety of baseline neurologic functional data, facilitate the brain's healing from injury, as well as potentially augmenting an uninjured brains performance and functionality.

Over the next few years, Highmark Interactive will begin with a focus on facilitating the healing of an injured brain. Using games to stimulate targeted neural networks, and through gradation and repetition, we hope to improve the efficiency of existing synaptic pathways as well as stimulate the creation of new ones. In the healthy brain, we believe the same processes may encourage augmentation that is functional in day-to-day life.

Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.
— Randy Pausch, Carnegie Mellon University

Not Just Fun and Games

  • Highmark Interactive's initial focus is on developing entertaining games that facilitate the collection of normative neurologic functional data that will provide us with the insights to develop our games focused on treatment and augmentation.
  • Highmark Interactive will redefine digital therapy from its current position where performance is improved but restricted to the game setting to one where technology is utilized to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of information transfer in the neural network that extends into the individuals daily life.