Hayley Wickenheiser Encourages Athletes ‘Game’ for Brain Health


TORONTO, ON (November 19, 2018) – The Canadian Tire World Female Hockey Festival

(“Canadian Tire WickFest”) has signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Highmark Interactive (“Highmark”), which asks that all WickFest athletes (12+) use Highmark’s mobile tool, EQ - Active Brain Tracking (EQ), to assist with the ongoing battle against concussions.

The Highmark application, EQ, uses fun games to build a healthy range for brain activity for athletes before and during a season. Then if a worrisome collision or hit occurs, a player takes a ‘point of collision test,’ that can be compared against the athlete’s healthy history. This information can be used by parents, coaches, physicians, trainers and athletes, to help make more data driven decisions around concussions. EQ is listed as a Class II 510(k) exempt medical device with the FDA, is clinically derived and backed by an industry leading medical advisory board.

This year the Canadian Tire WickFest included, in the event registration fee, a one-year license of EQ for each participating athlete (12+). Participants are encouraged to download and play the EQ application multiple times prior to stepping on the ice. With their healthy range established, coaches, trainers, parents and event staff can assess or monitor for changes at any point throughout their athletic year, or after a collision when there is concern for a possible injury.

“I take brain health incredibly seriously,” says four-time Olympic gold medalist, Hayley Wickenheiser. “I know first-hand the dangers of concussions and I’ve lost very close friends to brain injury and mental health ailments. The objective of Canadian Tire WickFest has always been to develop the complete human being, not just the hockey player. Partnering with Highmark, a leading Canadian Medtech company, and encouraging our thousands of athletes to use EQ continues our mission toward that objective. It is paramount to understand an athlete’s healthy brain activity and then to assess it post collision. Proper treatment and protocol following a potential concussion goes a long way in the recovery of the brain and allows for proper healing of the brain and a safe return-to-play timeline.”

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Highmark Interactive says, “We are incredibly proud to sign a partnership agreement with one of the largest female hockey events in the world. Hayley and her team understand the importance of brain health and they support the work we are doing in the areas of traumatic brain injuries and concussions. I truly believe that our relationship with such high-profile athletic organizations and their thousands of athletes will help us continue to further our cause in the battle against concussions.“

About Highmark Interactive

Highmark Interactive is a Canadian medical technology company with a focus on assessing neurological functional performance and how it is affected after concussions and other traumatic brain injuries and diseases. Founded in 2017, Highmark’s mission is to use engaging, mobile-focused games that test a variety of neurologic functions to facilitate a more accurate physician assessment.

You can download “EQ Active Brain Tracking” for iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play store.

EQ for iOS

EQ for Android


About Canadian Tire Wickenheiser World Female Hockey Festival

Canadian Tire WickFest, is a multi-city international Hockey Festival, and a dream come-to-life for six-time Olympian Hayley Wickenheiser. Thousands of athletes compete and connect while building positive female hockey experiences and healthy living across all levels. Further details at: www.wickfest.com.

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Highmark Interactive Launches Mobile Tool to Track Neurological Performance and Assist in Concussion Management

Highmark Interactive is pleased to announce the launch of their mobile application, EQ – Active Brain Tracking (EQ). Highmark Interactive’s EQ application fuses the latest in neuroscience, engaging games and artificial intelligence to test and track a variety of neurologic functions affected by a number of conditions including concussions.

Canadian Medtech Leader Highmark Interactive Raises Over $2 Million in Oversubscribed Seed Round, Hires Industry Leading Executive as CFO

Company to Use Video Games in The Battle Against Brain Injuries and Diseases


July 18, 2017: (Toronto, Ontario) Highmark Interactive, Canada’s first digital therapeutics company, announced today that it has secured $2 million in capital for its seed round of financing. Today’s news builds on the momentum of its recent acquisition of XMG Studio.

“We have secured over ten world-class investors that believe in our vision and ability to execute and I couldn’t be more proud to have them involved” said Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, Executive Chairman of Highmark Interactive. “Our diverse investment group includes top capital market investors, Canadian medical leaders and both Olympic and professional athletes across numerous leagues.”

Highmark plans to use the funding in order to grow the development team and to build new distribution partnerships for its games.

“We believe our video game technology will revolutionize patient management as it relates to the concussion epidemic and other traumatic brain injuries and diseases” said Andy Smith, CEO of HighMark Interactive. “The oversubscribed round proves the team at Highmark is onto something special. We’re incredibly excited for the release of our games and the opportunities that lie ahead.”  

Highmark is also pleased to announce the hiring of John Gardiner as CFO to its world class leadership team. Experienced with Operations and raising capital in the gaming sector, Gardiner was most recently Director of Finance and Partnerships at Big Viking Games where  $21 million was raised from two tier- one Canadian institutions (Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), a first for a game company in Canada. He also helped scale the company from fifty to over one hundred employees and reached a five-year distribution deal with Valiant Comics, the third largest comic publisher in the world.

“I feel privileged to be working in what I believe is Canada’s next big boom sector- medtech” said John Gardiner. “The potential to help millions of people made my decision to join Highmark an easy one. The fact that I get to work with such a creative and ambitious team is a huge bonus.”

Highmark is close to finalizing its advisory board containing a number of current and former professional athletes, which it will be announcing soon.

Highmark Interactive is a Toronto based digital media and therapeutics company with a focus on concussions and other traumatic brain injuries and diseases. Founded in 2017, Highmark uses fun, engaging games that will educate players, collect a variety of baseline neurologic functional data, and facilitate the brain's healing from injury.

For further information: Britt Aharoni, Communications, Highmark Interactive, britt@highmark.tech, (647) 716-5113.

Successful Healthcare Entrepreneurs Launch Canada’s First Digital Therapeutics Company

Award-winning XMG Studio to become part of Highmark Interactive

June 6, 2017: (Toronto, Ontario) Successful entrepreneur brothers, Sunil and Sanjeev Sharma, founders of Wellpoint Health Corp., one of Canada’s largest occupational health and safety companies, have now turned their attention to starting Canada’s first digital therapeutics company: Highmark Interactive (HMI).  HMI will focus on the fusion of medicine and technology for concussions and associated injuries and diseases.

As the first order of business, HMI has acquired the award-winning gaming studio – XMG Studio.  Founded in late 2009, XMG has released 18 mobile games in various genres, targeting casual game players.  Seven of their games have in excess of one million installs and several have won “Best App Ever” industry awards.  Named as one of the top global “mobile games developers to watch” by industry media, XMG has developed a track record of innovation and excellence, including the creation of several sub-genres within the mobile gaming ecosystem.

The acquisition provides HMI with an experienced game development team led by CEO Andy Smith, who has over 10 years of experience creating top mobile games.

Dr. Sanjeev Sharma stated, “HMI is changing the way clinicians and individuals interact with the brain pre and post injury through the use of fun and engaging video and mobile games.  XMG Studio and their expertise play a critical and important role in this revolutionary treatment.”

HMI anticipates the release of several mobile games with a focus on brain health and understanding, over the next two quarters.

While they are not yet providing details on exactly how the games will assist with brain health, Sunil Sharma added, “We believe this will revolutionize patient treatment options and create an entirely new field of therapy within medicine.”

Why focus on concussion impact? The numbers across North America are staggering, with over four million concussions occurring per year in sports and recreation alone.  This is not inclusive of accidents, assaults or personal injury.  The estimated cost (direct and indirect) associated with traumatic brain injury is over $60B annually.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) states the above numbers vastly underestimate the true incidence by 100 percent due to lack of knowledge and understanding of common brain injuries, something HMI hopes to change.