Empowering healthcare through the remote management of mental and physical health

For individuals, families, healthcare providers and organizations

“Until now, you needed to go to a doctor’s office in order to do testing that sheds light on brain performance. The EQ platform is clinically sound and its mobility has made testing scalable, accessible and enjoyable no matter where you are.”

Dr. Mihaly Kis

Neurosurgeon, Trillium Health Partners & Lecturer, University of Toronto


Our virtual care platform, integrated with our EQ modules, is unique within the telehealth industry.

For Group or Individual Use

Used by individuals, families, healthcare practitioners, and organizations to effectively monitor and manage health and wellness. The ideal tool for maintaining social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Integration with EQ modules

The integration of EQ Virtual along with data obtained from other EQ modules ensures patients receive early, proactive care.

Fast, Easy and Flexible

Clinically Connect to a medical professional or complete the game-based clinical testing in just minutes, on your own schedule.

EQ Virtual Care

Enables virtual assessment of both mental and physical health. The telemedicine consultation may confirm issues EQ modules had flagged, obtained from cognitive, balance, and visual testing (FDA clearance; CE Mark).

Data-rich Dashboard and Compliance System

Results from the virtual assessment are available immediately, including clinician assessment and documentation of completion (if required from admin/employer compliance).

Mobile & Accessible

Whether it be a computer, phone or tablet, receive virtual care and/or do game-based testing anytime, anywhere.


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In just seconds, set up users/patients on EQ Virtual to facilitate a complete assessment with a qualified healthcare practitioner.


Healthcare professionals have instant, relevant data for assessment and can guide patient care quickly and efficiently.

“Whether it is for an individual, an athlete, or a health care professional caring for patients, EQ Active’s mobile testing and continual collection of relevant clinical data is unlike any platform I have seen.”

Dr. Ted Carrick

Senior Research Fellow, Cambridge University, UK

Treated Olympic, College, and Pro athletes; well known for his work with Sidney Crosby

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