Equipment protects the body.
EQ Elite protects the brain.

For professional and high-performance athletes and sport organizations

The world’s first mobile, gamified, FDA-cleared neurological assessment tool


EQ Elite is the high performance version of the award-winning EQ Active Brain Performance. It is a mobile brain testing and assessment platform that delivers comprehensive data, specifically for the highest levels of sport. It is an easier, faster, more relevant method of assessment that more precisely mirrors the modern understanding of dynamic brain function than other methods used today. EQ Elite is being used extensively by athletes and organizations in high performance and professional sport.

“This isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s a must have. I’ve seen how concussion affects athletes in their prime and for decades after they leave the sport. With EQ, you play a few quick games and critical data on brain function is instantly available.”

Glenn Healy

Executive Director

NHL Alumni Association; 15 year NHL career


Our FDA-cleared platform is backed by rigorous research  and is the industry’s only program of its kind.

For Professional & High Performance Sport

Replaces error-prone ‘single baseline’ with ongoing testing, in addition to being used for sideline evaluation and assisting ‘Return to Play’ decision.

Testing in 10 Minutes - Immediate Results

Whether for in-competition testing that requires quick assessment, or for the athlete’s convenience throughout the year, EQ check-ins are fast and easy.

100% Mobile

Games/tests can be done anywhere and at any time with just a phone/tablet. Instantly assess the data (mobile or desktop) from anywhere in the world.

Identify Performance Concerns

Brain performance data goes beyond head injuries. Use results to assess key issues such as anxiety, sleep issues, stress, etc.

Seven Games Testing Three Clinical Trajectories

Clinically derived tests for cognitive, balance, and visual function.

Data-rich Dashboard System

Dive deeper on athlete results through the EQ Dashboard. Intensive, real-time data for performance evaluation and medical follow-up.

Engaging & Fun

Athletes dread the monotonous, inconvenient testing that is currently imposed on them. They do, however, like to compete and play games. High-level athletes using EQ Elite have raved about the experience.


Get EQ Elite

Register here to get started. With the EQ Dashboard, it takes just seconds to get your athletes and teams ready to go with EQ Elite on their mobile device.


Athletes can quickly complete their check-ins wherever it is convenient. Each game played leads to data that is instantaneously available in the EQ Dashboard.


Administrators can set testing schedules, send reminders, review data, and be notified of concerning test results in real-time. If there is concern, the data is ready for a qualified practitioner to assess.

“I know first-hand the dangers of concussions and I’ve lost very close friends to brain injury and mental health ailments. It is paramount to understand an athlete’s healthy brain activity and then to assess it post-collision.”

Hayley Wickenheiser

5-time Olympic Medalist

“EQ covers all the bases. It is mobile, scientifically sound, affordable, covers multiple areas of brain function, and it is enjoyable to use. Other platforms may have one or two of these attributes, but EQ hits all the marks.”

Dr. Ted Carrick

Senior Research Fellow, Cambridge University, UK

Treated Olympic, College, and Pro athletes; well known for his work with Sidney Crosby

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