EQ Clarity lets your brain decide

For those using medication or cannabis, EQ assists with achieving ideal dosage levels and knowing whether you are ready to go about your day

The world’s first mobile, gamified, FDA-cleared neurological assessment tool


EQ Clarity is used by those who use cannabis or take prescribed medicines and want to tailor their usage so that they are able to live their lives knowing that their brain’s functional performance is at a level at which they are accustomed.  By doing a quick ‘check-in’ with EQ’s mobile games, you are empowered to make dosage decisions and go about your day confidently.

Prescribed Cannabis

Each person’s response to cannabis will be unique, and there’s insufficient research to provide optimal dosing for different conditions. EQ Clarity enables the clinician and the patient to safely increase dosing, while tracking the patient’s subjective and objective response to assess the level of  impairment and ensure safety.

It enables cannabis companies to support higher dosing of patients, while all involved (the clinician, patient, and licensed producer) meet their broader social contract.

“Having specialized in Neurology for several decades, I’ve never had someone tell me that doing traditional clinical neurological testing is enjoyable. EQ has changed that. They have made it fun, without compromising on the medical legitimacy, and I am thrilled that this innovation could lead to more people taking care of their brain health.”

Dr. Karen Barlow

Chair of Paediatric Rehabilitation and Associate Professor

University of Queensland Child Health Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine


Our FDA-cleared platform is backed by rigorous research  and is the industry’s only program of its kind.

For Those Looking for the ‘Right’ Dosage

We all want to use the maximum dosage with the minimum affect on our functional abilities. EQ Clarity is the tool to establish where your ideal dosage exists.

Testing in 10 Minutes - Immediate Results

Whether using EQ before work, or while trying a new product or dosage level, you can quickly check in and get instant results on your brain’s functional performance.

The Bridge Between Seller and Consumer

EQ Clarity creates a dynamic where the seller better understands their product, and the consumer better understands their need for the product.

100% Mobile

Games/tests can be done anywhere and at any time with just a phone/tablet.

Seven Games Testing Three Clinical Trajectories

Clinically derived tests for cognitive, balance, and visual function.

Data-rich Dashboard System for Enterprise Use

For groups doing research, the EQ Dashboard gives a detailed understanding of large-scale, demographic and disease state specific usage effects from dosage and use patterns, among dozens of other key metrics.

Engaging & Fun

Nobody likes the idea of doing traditional functional neurological tests. EQ Clarity is testing through the casual playing of games. Enjoy the games while EQ produces the data.


Get EQ Clarity

Individuals can simply download from the app/play store, or register here if you want to leverage EQ Clarity and its Dashboard platform for groups of users


Once you have EQ Clarity on your mobile device, simply check in and enjoy the games.  The data will instantly be there at your fingertips.


Individuals can see their results immediately on their mobile device, while EQ Dashboard users can dive into detail of large-scale populations to understand usage dynamics.

“Until now, you needed to go to a doctor’s office in order to do testing that sheds light on brain performance. The EQ platform is clinically sound and its mobility has made testing scalable, accessible and enjoyable no matter where you are.”

Dr. Mihaly Kis

Neurosurgeon, Trilium Health Partners & Lecturer, University of Toronto

Focused on concussion and concussion prevention

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