EQ At Work ensures that workers are on their game

For use by management and workers in environments that contain physical or liability risk

The world’s first mobile, gamified, FDA-cleared neurological assessment tool


EQ At Work is used by workers and employers in workplaces where there is physical or liability risk. Whether it be anxiety, stress, sleep, alcohol, cannabis or prescription medicine use, an individual’s brain performance can be significantly diminished and ensuring workplace safety, as well as the quality completion of work, becomes compromised.

For workers, EQ allows you to monitor your brain performance and your ability to go about your work in the manner you are accustomed to. If you are managing personal issues but want to ensure that you are doing so in a manner that doesn’t affect your brain’s ability to perform as usual at work, EQ serves as your brain’s co-pilot.

Employers try to manage risk and workplace safety, while carrying liability. In the context of cannabis legalization, the magnitude of this liability might be increasing for employers as they eagerly await solutions. From ‘fitness to work’ assessments to a proactive understanding of areas where a worker may need support, EQ At Work is uniquely situated to get the job done right.

“For high-risk workplaces, brain performance issues are a key contributing factor in accidents that lead to human and financial costs that may often be preventable.  EQ At Work is a non-invasive way to assess brain performance and mitigate this risk, all while being pre-emptive in supporting the employee’s health and well-being.”

Dr. Mihaly Kis

Neurosurgeon, Trilium Health Partners & Lecturer, University of Toronto

Focused on concussion and concussion prevention


Our FDA-cleared platform is backed by rigorous research  and is the industry’s only program of its kind.

Ensure ‘Fitness to Work’

Sleep, Anxiety, Medication, Stress, Substance Abuse. All can cause catastrophic issues in a dangerous workplace. EQ is a data-driven checkmark.

Testing in 5 Minutes - Immediate Results

Each worker has a mobile phone. Instead of subjective guesses as to their readiness for work, the worker plays mobile games and generates an instant ‘thumbs up’ to start their shift.

Save on Costs, Improve on Accuracy

A manager looking at someone and judging their mental state is error-prone, to say the least. EQ can assist, providing data to ensure decisions are made more accurately, with less confrontation, saving significantly on cost.

100% Mobile & Affordable

Games/tests and assessments can be done anywhere, on any site, and at any time with just a phone/tablet.

7 Games Testing Three Clinical Trajectories

Clinically derived tests for cognitive, balance, and visual function.

Data-rich Dashboard System

As soon as the worker completes their test, the data is instantly available, decreasing stressful and entirely subjective assessments and providing objective data to assist in decision making.

Engaging & Fun

Nobody likes the idea of doing traditional neurological tests. EQ At Work is testing through the casual playing of games. Workers enjoy the games, employers enjoy the security.


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Prior to each shift, workers play games in as little as 10 minutes. The data to assist with decision making will be instantly available.


With real-time data on a simple-to-use dashboard, the decision can be facilitated quickly and more effectively.  Further analysis can be given to proactively assess more complicated scenarios.

“Having specialized in Neurology for several decades, I’ve never had someone tell me that doing traditional clinical neurological testing is enjoyable. EQ has changed that. They have made it fun, without compromising on the medical legitimacy, and I am thrilled that this innovation could lead to more people taking care of their brain health.”

Dr. Karen Barlow

Chair of Paediatric Rehabilitation and Associate Professor

University of Queensland Child Health Research Centre, Faculty of Medicine

How Did EQ Come to Be?

Highmark’s Co-Founder, Dr. Sanjeev Sharma, discusses how a concerning experience with his own daughter inspired his need to create EQ.

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