EQ Active is for everyday brain performance and protection

For medical professionals, amateur athletes/teams, families and individuals

The world’s first mobile, gamified, FDA-cleared neurological assessment tool

“Whether it is for an individual, an athlete, or a health care professional caring for patients, EQ Active’s mobile testing and continual collection of relevant clinical data is unlike any platform I have seen.”

Dr. Ted Carrick

Senior Research Fellow, Cambridge University, UK

Treated Olympic, College, and Pro athletes; well known for his work with Sidney Crosby


Our FDA-cleared platform is backed by rigorous research  and is the industry’s only program of its kind.

For Group or Individual Use

Used by clinics, sports leagues/teams, parents, and individuals who are looking to monitor and protect their brain health.

Ongoing Functional Neurological Testing & Monitoring

Engaging games means better compliance for ongoing testing and a better record of an individual’s health.

Fast & Fun

Complete a full check-in in as little as ten minutes — unless the games keep you coming back for more!

Seven Games Testing Three Clinical Trajectories

Clinically derived tests for cognitive, balance, and visual function.

Data-rich Dashboard System

Individual results immediately in-app. Clinicians or administrators can dive deeper on our EQ web dashboard for thorough assessment.

100% Mobile & Affordable

Do you have a phone or tablet? Test anywhere at any time, and for less than a latte per month.


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Clinics/Teams: Register and purchase for our dashboard here to start adding patients/athletes

Individuals: simply download from your app/play store


Clinics/Teams can set testing schedules, send reminders, and review data in real-time while users create their healthy range of results.


If an injury or concerning test result takes place, it is time for a qualified practitioner to assess the thorough range of data.

“Being a concussion-focused clinic, adding EQ to our clinical tools has been amazing.  Having instant access to client data provides the athlete/parent a sense of calm and connection with us as their health care team!  For us – it allows us to monitor the client’s neurological function and identify possible issues SOONER!  All in all, EQ allows us to offer the QUALITY of care we want for our clients, setting a new standard for brain care!”

Natasha Wilch

Physical Therapist

Symphony Rehab, Nanaimo B.C. Canada

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