EQ is the future of neurological testing.

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FDA Listed as a Class II 510(K) Exempt

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Clinically derived tests


Fun for the test taker


Use on yourself, your children, or your teams

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Aids in testing for concussion, anxiety, lack of sleep and more

EQ contains six different neurological tests, all clinically tested and sensitive to symptoms of concussion, anxiety, lack of sleep, and more. In the event of a worrisome hit or injury, a post-collision test can be run to assist in deciding what to do next.


On-the-spot analytics and monitor progress over time

Immediately analyze test results, either on your mobile device, or on our enterprise dashboard (contact us for enterprise access). Easily monitor and track progress over time to establish a healthy range of results, making it easier to identify outliers and potential issues.


FDA listed, clinically validated & backed by the brightest minds in medicine and sport

EQ is FDA listed as a Class II 510(K) Exempt medical device and all of our tests have been clinically validated. Highmark Interactive's Medical Advisory Board, and Professional Advisory Board represent the foremost thought leaders on neurology, traumatic brain injury, concussion, and how they impact athletes.


Fun to play, easy to monitor

EQ uses engaging games to test the brain, and rewards users for playing with unlocks (coming soon) like new characters, outfits, and funny fans to cheer them on. Not only will they enjoy doing the tests, they're incentivized to try harder!

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